Localizzatore GPS per e-bike


 Perfect protection against theft of e-bikes with Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha motor

Bosch Brose Yamaha Giant Shimano per gli altri
BikeTrax Bosch Gen4 (non Smart) BikeTrax Brose Universal BikeTrax Yamaha BikeTrax Giant BikeTrax Shimano BikeTrax Universal
BikeTrax Bosch Gen2/3 BikeTrax Brose Specialized       BikeTrax Battery Extension
BikeTrax Bosch Gen4 (Smart)          

A miniature GPS locator that pairs with the PowUnity Bike app and installs in the engine compartment of the e-bike, making it invisible to thieves.

Using GPS coordinates, the locator updates the current location every 10 seconds, which you will be able to track in the application in any GSM network in more than 60 countries

In case of theft, you can use the app to direct the police directly to your e-bike.

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